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Reasons to own a Firearm

Police Cannot Protect And Are Not Required To Protect Every Individual Criminals Fear Armed Citizens More Than The Police
In 1985, the National Institute for Justice reported that: Criminologists Turning From Anti-Gun Position Problems With Waiting Periods And Background Checks

Waiting Periods Threaten The Safety Of People In Imminent Danger

Background Checks Do Not Disarm The Violent Criminal Population Prior Restraints On Rights Are Unconstitutional

1. Second Amendment Protects An Individual Right

2. Courts Agree That Rights Should Be Free From Prior Restraints D. Background Checks Can Lead To Gun Registration Problems With Gun Registration And Licensing

A. Licensing Or Registration Can Lead To Confiscation Of Firearms

B. The Power To License A Right Is The Power To Destroy A Right C. Officials Cannot License Or Register A Constitutional Right
The Supreme Court held in Lamont v. Postmaster General (1965) that the First Amendment prevents the government from registering purchasers of magazines and newspapers even if such material is "communist political propaganda."

Assault Weapons: Fact Or Fiction?

A. "Assault Rifles" No Different Than Hunting Rifles

B. Semi-automatic "assault weapons" are excellent for self-defense C. The Second Amendment protects an individual's right to own military rifles and handguns

This article was excerpted from the Taking On Gun Control website and is used with permission. The site is found at:

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